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By Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America
April 20, 2016
Category: Podiatric Issues
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Ingrown toenails are a common occurrence in our society, mainly because footwear is required in most public environments. When ingrown toenailtoes are confined into shoes that do not fit well, the pressure can cause the toenails to become ingrown and painful. Dr. Bryan Sheehan, podiatrist at Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America in Bentonville, AR, offers a few tips for treating ingrown toenails here.

What are ingrown toenails?

When the growth pattern of a toenail - most often the big toe - is impeded by ill-fitting shoes, tight socks or hosiery, or improper trimming, it can begin growing into the skin around the nail. This results in pain and swelling that can be extremely uncomfortable. Ingrown toenails most often affect teens and adults.

How can I treat my ingrown toenail?

At the first sign of an ingrown toenail, your Bentonville podiatrist suggests soaking your foot in warm water with Epsom salts mixed in. When done twice a day for about 15 minutes at a time, it can help relieve pain, bring down swelling, and promote healing. You can also use a blunt, flat instrument to gently push the skin away from the toenail after each soak. Applying antibiotic ointment to the area can also prevent infection from developing.

It's important to remember that if an ingrown toenail has become infected, seeing a podiatrist like Dr. Bryan Sheehan in Bentonville should be your first priority. Signs of infection include severe pain, pus and spreading redness. Diabetic patients should see their podiatrist at the first sign of any foot injury or wound, including ingrown toenails, to prevent complications associated with their condition.

How can I prevent ingrown toenails?

By trimming your toenails straight across - as opposed to rounding them off - and wearing properly-fitting shoes, you can often eliminate the possibility of ingrown toenails developing. Your podiatrist, Dr. Bryan Sheehan, can give you more information on proper nail care.

Contact Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America in Bentonville, AR for any questions or concerns you may have about ingrown toenails and other foot-related issues!

By Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America
March 30, 2015
Category: Podiatric Issues
Tags: Ingrown Toenails  

Ingrown Toenail Are some of your bad habits putting you at risk for developing an ingrown toenail?

While ingrown toenails are pretty common, it doesn’t make them any less bearable. No one wants to deal with a painful, sore toenail; however, find out if some of your daily habits might be leaving you prone to developing an ingrown toenail. You may just be surprised.

What are ingrown toenails?

An ingrown toenail is a common foot problem that results when the side of the toenails grows into the skin. This often causes inflammation, pain, and tenderness. While ingrown toenails can appear on any toe, they most often occur on the big toe.

What are the causes of ingrown toenails?

There are several reasons why you may be dealing with an ingrown toenail. The most common cause comes from improperly clipping your toenails. If you cut your toenails too short or if you try to cut them at a curve or angle, you leave your toenail prone to this painful issue.

If you are guilty of shoving your feet into shoes that are extremely pointed in the front or crowd the toes, then you may also find yourself dealing with an ingrown toenail. Also, direct injury to the toenail can also result in this condition.

How can I prevent an ingrown toenail from happening to me?

One of the best ways to prevent an ingrown toenail is to be sure to never trim your toenails passed the tip of your toe and to always trim it straight across. Furthermore, don’t wear shoes that crowd your toes and put pressure on this area of your foot.

Also, if you have a job that might put you at risk for toe injuries, then your Bentonville podiatrist highly recommends investing in some protective footwear.

Even with the most vigilant care, ingrown toenails can still happen. If you find yourself dealing with this painful condition and self-care measures don’t seem to eliminate your pain, then it’s time to talk to your Bentonville podiatrist, Dr. Bryan M. Sheehan, at Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America.

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