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September 12, 2017
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A wart is a skin growth that looks very distinct, odd, and can be embarrassing for patients to deal with. It is a relatively common skin wartproblem that can be treated by your foot doctor Dr. Bryan Sheehan at Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America in Bentonville, AR and Grove, OK. Find out what to do about warts on the feet and how to prevent them in the future.

What Causes Warts?
Many people believe that you get warts from touching frogs and other scaly animals. However, that’s a myth. Warts actually come from a virus that can be spread from skin to skin contact. It is most often contracted when there’s an open cut or wound. Anyone who comes in contact with a wart or the virus that causes them can contract this annoying but relatively harmless skin condition. Warts often develop on the feet, which is why it’s a problem that’s commonly treated by podiatrists.

What to Do?
If you have a wart, you should immediately cover it up to stop it from spreading to other areas of the body or to other people. Wash it first, and definitely avoid picking at it. Don’t use a razor on or near a wart because if you use the item again it can transfer the virus to another place on the body. See your Bentonville, AR or Grove, OK foot doctor about the wart if it doesn’t go away promptly with over the counter treatments or if it causes a rash of new warts to form. The wart can be removed or treated with a prescription product that will work faster.

Preventative Measures
A skin wart is certainly not a problem that you want to reoccur. Here are some tips to avoid getting them in the future:

- Keep your hands clean and moisturized.
- Treat, clean, and cover cuts on the feet promptly.
- When clipping toenails, be careful not to cut tiny tears in the skin.
- Protect your feet by wearing flip flops when walking in public areas.
- Avoid sharing socks with someone who has a wart.

Have Warts Treated by a Foot Doctor
If you believe you have a skin wart on your foot, treatment is available at Ankle and Foot Centers of Mid America. Call the Bentonville, AR office today at 479-224-6411 or the Grove, OK office at 918-787-6893 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bryan Sheehan.


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