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July 10, 2017
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How your podiatrist in Bentonville and Grove can help your feetgeriatic foot care

As you get older, you may have noticed your feet getting tired and feeling worn out. That’s because your feet are changing, just like the rest of you. Your body and your feet require more maintenance than they did when you were younger. Dr. Bryan Sheehan at Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America wants to share the facts about how you can take care of your aging feet. He has two convenient office locations in Bentonville, AR and Grove, OK to help you and your feet.

Some of the changes your feet will go through as you age include:

  • Thinning skin, which makes your feet more prone to sores and blisters
  • Stiffening joints, which can reduce mobility in your toes and ankles
  • Flattening arches, which causes your feet to widen and lengthen

You can help your feet cope with aging by following a few simple steps each day. You should try to:

  • Do a foot exam and look for any injuries or skin conditions
  • Cleanse and dry your feet thoroughly
  • Apply a thick moisturizing lotion or cream, or antifungal if necessary
  • Bandage any sores, blisters or injured areas
  • Trim toenails short and straight across, with no rounded edges
  • Do arch stretches and ankle movements to increase flexibility
  • Wear socks that wick moisture and wide, comfortable shoes
  • Avoid going barefoot
  • Elevate your feet whenever you can

As you age, you are also at higher risk of medical conditions which can affect your feet such as:

  • Osteoporosis, which increases the risk of stress fractures
  • Weight gain, which can result in plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis, which can cause joint and bone pain
  • Diabetes, which increases your risk of diabetic ulcers and neuropathy

The foot problems associated with medical conditions are best treated by a podiatrist like Dr. Sheehan. He offers a full range of services to help you get relief from issues like diabetic ulcers, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and other problems. For a complete listing of treatments, please visit the services page on the website at

If aging is hurting your feet, it’s time to seek out the services of an expert. Call Dr. Bryan Sheehan at Ankle & Foot Centers of Mid-America or visit one of his two office locations in Bentonville, AR and Grove, OK. Call today and protect your feet!


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