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January 30, 2015
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Causes of Ankle Sprains

An estimated 25,000 Americans sprain their ankles every day. This makes ankle sprains an unfortunate, yet common injury that can leave you nursing a painful, swollen ankle. We see many ankle sprains at our Bentonville, AR foot doctor office and would like to help you prevent further injuries by making you aware of a few activities commonly known to cause ankle sprains.

1. Wearing high heels.

While you may enjoy the appearance of high heels or the fashion statement they make, wearing them increases your risk for Sprained Anklewobbling from side to side while walking. This ankle instability alone can cause a sprain. However, this wobbling can also cause you to trip, which could make you sprain your ankle or, even worse, fall and sprain your ankle. Try to keep your shoes to less than 2 inches in height whenever possible to prevent ankle sprains from occurring.

2. Not watching your step.

One of the most common causes of an ankle sprain is accidentally walking off of or into an uneven surface. For example, planting your foot into a hole or stepping off a curb can surprise you and make you lose your balance, resulting in an ankle sprain. When you walk, do so with purpose. Avoid distracting activities, such as texting or looking at your cell phone without watching where you are going.

3. Participating in sports without the proper footwear/warm-up.

While ankle sprains can happen as you are participating in everyday activities, as many as 50 percent of ankle sprains occur during athletic-related activities. This is especially true for sports where you jump up and down, such as basketball. Also, sports where you plant your ankle and have to pivot in another direction are associated with increased sprain risk. This includes soccer and football. While ankle injuries are not always preventable in sports, you can protect yourself as much as possible by wearing supportive footwear or even wearing ankle tape or an ankle support. Warming up before you engage in athletic activity and engaging in balance exercises off the court or field can also help. Visit our ankle sprain page for more info

If you have experienced an ankle sprain or foot injury - or would like more tips to prevent one - please call our Bentonville, AR podiatry office at (479) 224-6411.


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